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Latin Sounds with a capital S!!

This dynamic group comprising nine talented World Musicians is performing the new taste, the modern experience, the finest and hottest Salsalicious salsa, Latin jazz and contemporary music this side of Latin-America, Sabroson combines traditional infectious rhythms with their own blatantly awesome grooves and arrangements encouraging diverse audiences to get up and sjake it all about.

Sabroson's repertoire is unashamedly, though not exclusively, Latin drawing from the vast pool of musical richness from Cuba, Puerto Rico, North America and Australia. The influences are unmistakable, Tito Puente, the Buena Vista Social Club, Eddie Palmieri, the Afro-cuban All Stars, Santana, Osomatli, Willy Colon, Ray Barreto, Ruban Blades, Oscar D'Leon, Cat Empire and more, overwhelming in its popularity, Latin music is a taste universal in appeal.

Sabroson's ESSENTIAL NINE combine the sounds of big phatt power-horn section, with Adam trumpeteer Halt - Trumpet and vocals, Mike Cartwright - Trombone and Vocals and Ben Collins - Saxophone.

The ever rhythmic and driving Joe Naimo on congas, bongos, timbales and vocals; Steve Richter - Kit drums/Timbales; Iain Robbie - bongos, timbales and hand-held percussion, and the oh so smooth Abe Dunovits on tres', guitar and lead vocals.

Sabroson's play list is a fine argument for the notion that infectious dance grooves and listy musical arrangements are driving contemporary force behind successful performance space and entertainment arena of the last few years.

Oya Ye Ye
La Banda
Hello Hello
Days Like These
La Bamba
Latin Girls


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