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Gumnut Stompers

The Gumnut Stompers trio formed in 1987 in response to the need for a small, acoustic, mobile and entertaining jazz band on the newly launched paddle steamer (PS) Decoy.

With John on double bass and vocals, John on banjo (plus magic and vocals) and Ross on clarinet and saxophones, the group- after a 20 year stint on P.S. Decoy, are still working hard with an invitation to perform at the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival in 1993, a residency in Penang, a 5 year residency at Sardis (an upmarket restaurant on the Swan River in South Perth) and a residency at the Perth casino, and a return invitation to the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival in 2007.

Meanwhile, the Stompers have performed at countless private functions in and around Perth - including private parties, concerts, weddings, corporate functions, jazz clubs and conferences. They have even performed classical pieces on-stage at the concert hall as entertainment at a university's graduation ceremonies over a number of years.

Recently a top trumpet player has been included when a larger sound is required, but the group still works basically as a mobile, acoustic 3-piece band. The Stompers are equally at home performing on-stage, or wandering from group to group at a party or restaurant, playing requests in their unqiue style.

Musical preferences are the jazz greats - Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jellyroll Morton, Scott Joplin George Gershwin and the like, but they have very eclectic tastes and can provide folk, classical, latin and a range of other styles.

Currently the Gumnut Stompers have 3 CD for sale - Favourite Requests; Saucy Songs and Jazz Performances with invited musicians.

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