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Nick The Noise

International Entertainer

Master of Imitation and Imagination

You want entertainment, you'll have entertainment listening to the tortured twisted tonsils of Nick the Noise.

If you're scared of flying he is definitely not the person to sit next to in the departure lounge before your flight. While performing at a RAAF base in Melbourne, a senior Officer informed Nick that his FA-18 Hornet imitation is in distinguishable from the real thing.

If it has an engine or a heartbeat, Nick can sound uncannily like it.
"Frankly - I Wouldn't even ride an escalator with him, at least not with a parachute."

- My Plane won't fly
- Two cents of fuel
- Me and my bike
- Grandpa
- At the dentist
- The bloody Cops
- Catch a train
- My big old black Mack
- FA-18 Hornet fighter
- I think I killed class

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