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Robo Mosquito

Robo Mosquito...what are they?
Robo Mosquito are a unique three piece ensemble bringing Perth audiences the very best in rock 'n' roll from the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, and 2000's

Robo Mosquito...why are they different?
The bands primary aim: build and develop a versatile three piece rock ensemble around a set list of quality covers that has something for everyone; from the rock of ages standards of bands like The Knack, Billy Idol, and U2 to the contemporary hits of Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon and Foster the People. Robo Mosquito was designed to deliver the "live" playback of your favourite "all killer" fm radio tracks with just the right balance of classic and modern hits with NO commercials! For Robo Mosquito the philosophy is pretty simple - you're only as good as your set list and the set list is everything! Give the audience what they want to hear, keep it fresh, and avoid the "filler".

Robo do they do it?
The band features three experienced live performers (Rob Pianta, Dave Eamus and Gary Millias) in a classic rock three piece configuration: Bass, Drums, and Guitar?with a twist. Guitar and Bass duties are swapped between Rob and Gary up at the front. So when Rob is carving it on guitar ? Gary is thumping on Bass and vise versa. This produces different treatments in both tonality and execution from one song to another and weaves an additional layer of musicality into the performance. Robo Mosquito has already generated a fair amount of interest in the dual guitar/bass set-up amongst their peers and like what it adds to their diversity. As you would expect from a quality three piece, the work rate for the band onstage is high, yet it's this constant focus on delivery that the band feels gives them "the edge".

Robo mosquito...who are they?
Rob Pianta, Dave Eamus and Gary Millias come from a pedigree of hard-working, live local bands dedicated to quality music. Robo Mosquito bring with them the maturity of experience and a reputation for 100% professionalism. The guys boast proven track records for entertaining crowds on the east and the west coast of Oz; whether on stage at arena sized venues, outdoor festivals, pubs, clubs or halls.

The band:
Rob Pianta: ex Phantoms, Jawbone, and the Passengers, provides Lead and Harmony vocals and the versatility of alternate guitar and bass playing duties.
Dave Eamus: ex Loaded Dice, Dick and the Dames, Slim Jim and the Fats, the Fab 4 (to name just a few) sets the groove with the Drums and lends Lead and Harmony Vocals to the trio.
Gary Millias: ex Hurricanes, Horsehead and Jawbone provides Lead and Harmony vocals and shares the job of tandem guitar and bass work with Rob.

Play List

Walk This Way : Aerosmith
Kryptonite : 3 doors down
Play That Funky Music : Wild Cherry
Sex On Fire : Kings of Leon
Vertigo : U2
Bohemian like you : Dandy Warhols
Hands Open : Snow Patrol
April Sun : Dragon
Rebel Yell : Billy Idol
Blister In The Sun : Violent Femmes
Living on a Prayer : Bon Jovi


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