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The Broken Lines

THE BROKEN LINES is the latest band featuring Bill Chidgzey, lead singer and guitarist from the Aussie Rock band, MEN AND THEIR SHEDS. Following his passion for keeping it acoustic, keeping it live and with tongue firmly kept in cheek, the band cover everything from rock, country, folk and even the latest hits with acoustic guitar, double bass and stand up drums...!

Experienced musicians, the trio vary their performance to suit the situation both in style and volume and judging from audience reactions, The Broken Lines will fit any situation from a rock show on a Saturday night to an acoustic chilled out session in a beer garden. Private engagements, fly in fly out shows and corporate events are a specialty with regular appearances throughout the hotel circuit.

For venue and industry people out there looking to book the boys, the band have all their own production or can travel light if you have your own in-house or contracted audio and lighting. Experience within the band in technical production can ensure bases are covered on regional tours and corporate shows alike.

Check out the sample song list and call us to book a show with The Broken Lines...

Tom Petty
Johnny Cash
Paul Kelly
Newton Faulkner
Pearl Jam
John Cougar
H & C
Jason Mraz
Aussie Crawl
Crowded House
Steve Earl


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