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Magicians, James Sleight and Donna, Perth

James Sleight and Donna

What is the formula for creating a great event?

Why that's easy.....

Wow factor + Fun factor = Great event

But how do you maximize both of these at the same time? That's easy too.....

The Magic, Comedy and Illusions of

James Sleight and Donna

This multi award winning duo will add the finishing touch to your event with polish and style. James Sleight is a lovable larrikin who can fast talk a member of your audience into putting their head in the "Bloke's vegetable slicing machine" ( A six foot guillotine ) "Just to feel the comfort of the stress relieving head rest". To say that audience participation with James is fun to watch would be like saying that Moses did a little water trick. Donna Egan plays the assistant in the show and this gorgeous blonde adds the charm and sparkle of a Vegas show girl.

What about the WOW factor? During the show James and Donna will do things which your audience will talk about for years. Every routine not only involves audience participation but also has a high impact magical climax to blow your guests away. The opening illusion, should you choose to have it, has never failed to get gasps and even screams from the crowd. When Donna suddenly appears from nowhere people are literally shocked. The illusion is optional as it involves a bit more room and staging but even without it this is truly a world class show.

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