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Nicks - McVie


Claire Barry (Stevie Nicks) and Donna Greene (Christine McVie) recapture the classic songs that remain timeless as they pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac

Nicks - McVie - Rumours

"Rhiannon", "Say You Love Me", "Dreams", "Tell Me Lies", "You Make Lovin' Fun", "Don't Stop", "Sara", "Go Your Own Way" and more...

This sensational performance is one tribute performance not to be missed!

Claire Barry and Donna Greene share an affinity with music that goes beyond the mundane. Both are established and respected vocalists & songwriters in their own right, adept at a variety of styles, and have proven their worth on stages across the country, performing rock and blues as well as in the corporate arena. Having both grown up with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Claire and Donna also share an affinity with these classic songs of the 70's and 80's that featured the ?Mac songbirds, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, and capture the very essence of the songs they perform in the set with their stunning vocals and characterizations.

The melancholy, romance and mysticism of the women of Fleetwood Mac and their songs are brought to life as two of WA's foremost female voices present a show that transports the audience back to a time when the West Coast Sound ruled the airwaves, and Fleetwood Mac were riding the crest of that wave.

A brilliant act to add to any corporate event for a fantastic night's entertainment. Also available for private functions and all public bookings.

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