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Children's Entertainment, Kangaroo Creek, Perth

Kangaroo Creek

The Ultimate in Children's Entertainment Introducing ... the all-Australian educational entertainment show for children. Featuring ... Ranger West and his Bush Buddies. Many parents teachers and primary school children are familiar with the fabulous Kangaroo Creek Gang. Presently 85% of Australian Primary Schools stock educational readers relating to the Gang.

The 'Gang' presents an educational and entertaining programme using audience participation, music song and dance. Ranger West, Kevin Kangaroo, Wal Wombat, Tiddles Tiger Snake and the rest of the 'Gang' highlight issues that relate to today's children.
Issues such as:

* Conservation * Enviroment * Safety *Health * Education * Communication and * Self Esteem

are presented to the audience in an educational and entertaining format. Ask about our new fun show which also includes song, dance and audience participation. Like our environment and safety show, this performance entertains and promotes healthy moral attitudes.

.....and why not consider the KEVIN KANGAROO show for children's parties.

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