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German Bands, Edelweiss Dance Group, Perth

Edelweiss Dance Group

German, Austrian and Swiss Migrants founded the German- speaking Rhein-Donau Club in 1958. In 1960 some Austrians formed the Edelweiss Dance Group, to foster the Austrian and Bavarian folkdance tradition here in Western Australia. The Bell Group "Echo der Berge" was formed in 1980 to play traditional songs on tuned "Cowbells".

Since 1978 the Edelweiss Dance Group participates every two years at the National Folkdance Festival anywhere in Australia. The Costumes are traditional and fully imported. Most of our dances are flirtatious and tell a story. The slapping of the Thighs and shoe soles by the boys, called "Schuhplattler" are to warm up and to create the sound to music, which is played by an accordion player.

Suitable for a ball floor show or a German theme night.

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