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Jazz, Corner House Jazz Band, Perth

Corner House Jazz Band

Corner House Jazz band plays traditional jazz with a hard driving style which has made it one of Australia's most accomplished jazz bands. The band has toured overseas, twice to USA, to Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand and Borneo, as well as playing in all other Australian States, Various band members have made individual tours, or with other bands, including to the UK, Japan and Europe.

The band has two regular weekly gigs, the Railway Hotel, North Fremantle, every Saturday afternoon and its' own venue, The Jazz Cellar, Mount Hawthorn, where it plays every Friday evening, and which is now in its fifteenth year. The Jazz Cellar is unique in Australia and the only venue dedicated to Vintage Jazz.
,br /> Corner House Jazz Band also organises one off events, which are promoted through its newsletter, Corner House Rag. These include Mystery Bus Trips and River Trips, special events at the Jazz Cellar, and the annual Jazz at Peel Estate Winery, held on the first Sunday in December, each year.

The band has its own 1929 Dennis fire engine, which is very popular in street parades and is regularly seen in the City of Perth. The band has made eight recordings, the last two of which are on CD.

Band members are , Don Bancroft, trumpet; Peter Groos, reeds; Roy Burton, trombone; Rod Evans, banjo; Dijon Summers, doublebass; Sid Marsh, drums.

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