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Magicians, Ola Nilsson - Magic Dreams, Perth
Ola Nilsson presents Magic Dreams

My name is Ola, and I have been a professional magician since 1991. I moved to Australia in October 1993 from Sweden, where I have performed and studied the art of magic since childhood.
My magic and mind reading is of light-hearted comedy style, well suited for both stage and smaller, more intimate occasions.
I have performed in many countries around the world including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Holland, Cyprus, Spain, Japan and Australia. The shows have ranged from intimate, "close-up" performances to large scale productions involving illusions and dancers. The venues have included everything from a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea to a five star hotel in Japan. Magic is a great conversation starter, and it can be performed anywhere, under any conditions.
So, what ever your entertainment needs, never forget to add a touch of MAGIC, and make your occasion a memorable one.

Walk-Around Magic: You will be delighted to hear gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 10 minute show consisting of magic with cards, money, mind reading and other intimate magical experiences. The look on your guest's faces will be absolutely priceless. This is perfect for cocktail parties, hospitality suites or in situations where a traditional formal show doesn't suit.

Comedy Magic Show: This is the perfect solution if you want to entertain your guests with a 20 - 40 minute show that is heavily focused on comedy and intense audience participation.

The Best of Both Worlds: This deluxe combination package includes 1 hour of walk around magic and the complete "Comedy Magic Show". It's an ideal partnership. Here's why:
During the cocktail hour or as your guests arrive: they will be treated to the mind-blowing intimate walk-around magic. This accomplishes two things. First it gets your event off to a fast, fun start. Second, since they meet me before the show, they really get excited and look forward to the after dinner entertainment.
If you really want your event superb - Option 3 is the answer.

Many magical moments to be ...
Ola Nilsson

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