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The Windjammers

Sea Songs and Shanties :

The Windjammers sing sea songs and shanties with a great deal of enthusiasm, lots of passion and bring this tremendous music to life for audiences far and wide. You can almost feel the fresh sea breeze and salt water spray as the Windjammers sing a wealth of shanties relating to the traditions of the sea together with an abundance of sea songs. Stirring memories of bygone days - sailors climbing rigging, hauling ropes and raising the sails. So come aboard and join this hearty crew as they set sail on a musical voyage.

Who are the Windjammers?

The Windjammers, Western Australia's premier Shanty Group. Featuring four highly talented singers and musicians with expertise gained over the years performing at numerous Festivals, Maritime functions and special events in and around Western and Eastern Australia including performances on board STS Leeuwin II and Bark Endeavour replica. The Windjammers are one of the most popular and hardest working groups in Western Australia and they proudly bring these incredible shanties and songs of the sea, not so young, sailors and landlubbers for all to enjoy.

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